Students of UPC’s Industrial Engineering School of Barcelona test their CAT11E

Montmeló’s circuit was the scenario of the latest test of Formula Student prototype of the students of UPC’s Industrial Engineering School of Barcelona before the competition.

The racing car designed and built by students of UPC’s Industrial Engineering School of Barcelona is called CAT11E because it is preceeded by 10 prototypes. Since 12 years ago, students have the voluntary option to join to motorsport team that competes in Student formula, an international championship for cars built by engineering students from universities worldwide. Every year, new students implement new improvements. Every Student formula championship implies some precission and speed tests. Pilots are also students with driving abilities who know how to take maximum performance to the vehicle’s features. The car of Caralan future engineers currently takes the fifteenth position on a ranking composed by 139 teams from around the world. The three most important races are Germany’s tour, Czech Republic’s tour and the third, the race that takes place in the circuit of Catalunya.

The most important thing on the project is learning and experience they have, not only in the development of the project but also because of the fact of treating and working with many companies in the sector.