Carcross, driving strong emotions

Carcross is a modality growing in popularity around motor spheres. As motocross, it isdeveloped in dirt circuits, and what is highly valued by the ones who practice it are the great sensations produced by piloting these kind of cars. If we also add a low accident rate and arelatively inexpensive cost, we have the perfect recipe for a discipline winning followersevery day.

As in all motor disciplines, what makes this category special is the car used: Car Cross.These vehicles are small single-seaters, equipped with harness type seat belts, a veryresistant tubular chassis which integrates a protective anti-tipper cage. Everything brings avery rigid and compact vehicle as a result, with an inferior weight than a small car (around300kg) and equipped with motors whose cubic capacities could vary, although the mostused ones are around 600 cc. And power around 100 or 120 cv.

Another feature of this vehicle is that it has rear-wheel drive and a really low centre ofgravity, which eases taking bends on high speed. This type of vehicle is very fast and agile,and it is demonstrated by its short acceleration statistics: from 0 to 100 km/h on 3 seconds.

The success of Car Cross lie in the piloting experience it offers, because it is a type ofvehicle that could be driven by any person. Independently of the piloting level, it brings high emotions and lots of fun, although if you want to take all potential to this type of machines,an experienced pilot and very fast hands will be needed, because its reactions areinstantaneous and a bit “nervous”.