FIA Suit

Competition FIA suit Marina Elast1 Exclusive

competition FIA suit Marina Elast1 Exclusive

Marina Racewear presents new FIA overall Marina Racewear Exclusive.

Based on the success of Marina Elast 1, new Marina Exclusive mantains a total weight of 1,1 Kg and an elasticity like other few overalls with FIA’s type approval, thanks to its elast1 fabric confection. This fabric is 100% flame retardant, elastic and light (it reduces the weight in a 25% in relation to its precedent model).

This racing overall combines a high comfort level and a great resistance to mechanical tractions, it is an overall that offers durability, esencially for pilots of rallies, raids and long-distance races. Since it has elastic panels in the lumbar area and armpits, added to the elasticity of the fabric itself, it brings a higher comfort.

Although the most highlighted aspect of Marina Elast Exclusive is its customization ability, beyond the logos that every pilot could add, this racing overall can be customized in a symmetric or asymmetric way, meaning that every side of the overall can be colored in a totally independent way. Giving as a result 17 or 28 different color pieces depending on every pilot’s preferences. So it is a competition overall in which more than 1.000 different combinations can be made.

With 40% of natural fibers, and the latest technology in overalls’ confection. New Marina Racewear Exclusive meets all standards of FIA’s type approval 8856-2000 according to the report expedited by FIA’s official laboratory itself.

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