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How to choose the correct size in FIA underwear for competition

One of the problems found by racing pilots when choosing their FIA underwear is: How do I choose the right size?

In this post we are going to explain the way to determine the right size. There are many pilots and every one has different preferences, there are some who prefer thicker clothes and others prefer wider ones.

With just 3 measures, the needed sizo could be known:

  • Chest contour: To measure the chest contour you need to put your arms crosswise and measure under them, rounding the chest’s area.
  • Waist contour: To measure the waist contour, measure the waist area under  the navel, rounding this area.
  • Hip contour: Finally, to measure the hip contour, join your legs and measure by the wider area of the hips.

In our website, in every product card, you can find an access to a sizes guide. In this archive, all the needed information could be found for a pilot to measure on an easy and indicative way, to know which underwear size needs.

Take measures directly from your body contouring, on centimeters, round the area to measure with a measuring tape, nor loose or tight. Once you have the three measures, look for the corresponding size on the chart.

If you doubt between two sizes, we recommend you choose the one belonging to a higher size.