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5 factors to take into account when choosing a fia bataclava

Accorfing to regulation FIA 8856-2000 regarding to competition pilot’s equipment, in the point referring to underwear’s features, FIA (Federation Internationale de l’Automobile) forces that the bataclava’s front area must be composed, at the very least. by 2 fabric layers that together must have a minimum weight og 260 grams/m2. This way. in case of accident, the face is protected from direct contact with fire.

For this type of garment FIA imposes another restriction, which is the space measure left free to see and breathe when wearing the bataclava.

These 2 conditions have to be met so that FIA approves a bataclava’s type approval. But pilots and co-pilots must consider other aspects too when choosing the most convenient bataclava:

  • Size: Typically there is only one size per manufacturer, but not all are the same, choose the one which adapts best to your head.
  • Frontal layers width: In most bataclavas these layers are from the same width, but in Marina Racewear we have designed an interior layer totally perfored and thiner than exterior layer, to suit with pilot’s breathing and offer maximum confort.
  • Fabric’s composition: Fabrics with high percentage of natural fibers, like cotton, will always be more pleasant to touch and our skin will appreciate it.
  • Does it meet FIA 8856-2000? Never confuse with karting bataclavas, most times they have the same look but they are not made with the same fabric, not protect from the same risks.
  • Internal sewings: It is a garment which contacts directly with skin and the main handicap is that the helmet itself pressures constantly the sewings against skin. This point is very important to check before deciding the one we are going to get.