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Do you imagine racing with an elastic racing suit?

Elast1is a permanent flame retardant, 100% elastic fabric developed exclusively to tailor flame retardant racing suits, approved by FIA according to regulation 8856-2000. Elast1 fabric’s main aim is to bring a higher protection and comfort, reducing this way the fatigue of pilots and co-pilots during competition.


Why it protects better?

Elast1 fabric raises the protection thanks to its inherent flame retardant fibers with low heat transferency, resisting up to 260ºC without shrinking nor drilling or melting its structure during a direct exposition to fire. To reach FIA’s demanded levels, Elast1 protects pilots during more than 12 seconds after heat’s tranferency, before reaching a second degree burn. (FIA’s regulation demands that racing suits protect pilots during 11 seconds before they suffer second degree burns).

Elast1 is the first 100% elastic fabric designed exclusively to tailor racing suits

Elast1 brings more comfort

Elast1 fabric, with a 44% of natural fibers in its composition, eases air passage (115 cm3/sec) which facilitates sweat evaporation inside the garment and, thus, it reduces corporal heat.

This fabric’s extraordinary elasticity, caused by the fibers in its composition, brings an increasement up to 18% of the fabric’s longitude. This fact eases that racing suits tailored in Elast1 fabric improve notably on competition pilots comfort and mobility both within and outside the car.

With all colours, customisation possibilities are almost infinite

Plus, Elast1 composition allows the fabric to be inked in any colour without being a problem when meeting its type approbal requirements  FIA 8856-2000 type approval, EN ISO 15025, EN ISO 17493 and EN ISO 9151, allowing to design 100% custom racing suits.