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Transpiration in flame retardant fia underwear

In racing competitions, pilot’s comfort sometimes is overshadowed to a second term. In Marina Racewear we believe that if pilots or co-pilots feel at ease andcomfortable with their garments, their performance could be superior. Due to this we consider the fabric’s structure and the composition of the fabrics composing the pilot’s underwear of several importance.

Pilot’s comfort is linked to the correct garments’ sizing, and those garments must have adequate touch and transpirability above all.

Not always the thinnest underwear is the most transpirable, because its fibers’ composition could be 100% chemical.

We could say that one of the main aims of underwear, besides protecting against fire in case of accident, is that it has to help the body to transpire correctly. This means that underwear and overalls have to evacuate the most steam in the shape of water (sweat) to the outside, regulating corporal temperature.

All Marina Racewear’s FIA underwear range is pioneer in this aspect, because it is composed in a 44% of natural fibers, which help to absorb swear and keep the body dry and fresh. Besides this, its structure is bulkier than other fabrics in the market, which gives it a high absortion capacity, making it perform as a towel withdrawing the sweat of the body itself.

For the most complicated areas to refrigerate, like the back or axilas, a micro perforated (view picture) has been developed to help the fabric to have more ventilation and dries faster, which allows it to absorb more sweat.

teixit-microperforat-detallThe heat inside the compartment is something we can not avoid, by this reason we have designed an structure and fabric composition which helps the body to transpirate.

We can affirm that not always the thinnest underwear is the most transpirable, because its fibers’ composition could be 100% chemical, a fact that sometimes produces some allergies and highly reduces the absortion-evacuation.transpiration capacity.

Discover our range of flame retardand and transpirable fia underwear and compete being more comfortable.