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The perfect garment for rally’s co-pilots

Some people believe that rally’s co-pilots only “chant” curves, but their work goes far beyond. There are many hours that they spend with pilots inside a car, training or racing, besides all the work outside the car like preparing assistencies, planning trips, inscriptions, verifications, etc.

From the beginning of the season, co-pilots have continuous work organizing all the rallies jointly with the team to have a date prevision of the rallies and trainings, appart from the required needs during the season.

In this post we are not going to talk about the works of co-pilots in general but qre going to treat it on a concrete rally date, in order to analize the works and general particularities of this job.

A rally day does not start on the day of the raze but on the previous days of preparation, with the development of notes and revising all the material to race. Starting with the imprescindible requsites like the overall, FIA underwear, helmet, hans and bots, the preparation of co-pilot’s bag must be added. All co-pilots have their own and on it they order and put the material that with their experience they think is going to be needed. There are some basic elements to all rally’s co-pilots like notepads, pencils, rubbers, tape, brakets, replacement batteries, gauge, etc.


In Marina Racewear we take all team members into account, and as the fundamental piece co-pilots are,  tenemos en cuenta a todos los integrantes del equipo, y como pieza fundamental que son los copilotos, we do not forget about them. 

Rally’s co-pilots bag is also a very important element we can find in Marina Racewear which, as said before, all co-pilots take with them all the needed elements for their job, but it is well-known that on rally’s day, pilots are going to ask copilots to carry elements of their own like their cell-phones or car’s documents. Due to this it is important that bags have a big as well as well-distributed space in order to not supposing an annoying bumb inside the car. Basically it is the ideal complement that must be helpful, but if it is not well-placed or too full, co-pilot’s bag could be dangerous in case of shift or accident.

Another very useful aspect of Marina Racewear overalls for co-pilots is going to be its elasticity, because co-pilots are the ones who do more movements inside the car. As it is well-known, to carry helmets or store them in the back part, or turning on and of the intercom system, save the intercoms, etc. are uncomfortable movements and with an elastic overall, these movements are going to be more comfortable and are going to ease the job