Safety Car marshalls clothing

As usual in circuits, during the training and racing days, we can see circuits full of marshalls working for people’s safety.

Normally marshall’s clothes used is typically from high visibility, in order that pilots, rescue teams amd personnel in the area could identify them clearly. These marshall’s clothes is also flame retardant, to reduce the risk of burns in case of accident. As in all racing competition, safety is the most important thing.


There are other type of marshalls that have a fundamental role in competitions, and we are not talking about flag marshalls. These are the marshalls inside the safety car. If you are a fan of Formula 1, the name of Bernd Maylander may ring a bell, a Safety Car’s pilot in Formula 1 since 2000, the year when he won Le Mans 24h.

When we see images from inside the Safety Car, we realize that its pilot and co-pilot wear safety clothes. In their case, the marshall’s clothes they wear is FIA underwear and a flame retardant overall, meeting the regulation FIA 8856-2000. So we can say that marshall’s clothes they use is the same certified clothes used by all pilots and co-pilots being pofessional or amateurs.

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