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Innovative pyjama for FIA competition, an alternative to nowadays Racewear underwear

In the market there are many brands, fabric compositions and designs of flame retardant underwear with FIA’s type approval, but what it is clear is that sewings, fabric’s elasticity and the garment’s adherence are fundamental concepts when ensuring maximum comfort to get optimum performance of the pilot during competition.

Marina Racewear on its continuous development process of flame retardant garments certified for automobile competition, has developed a flame retardant pyjama as a single piece underwear to minimize sewings, double fabrics, elastic bands…. This was it has been achieved that the garment adapts perfectly to the pilot’s body reducing friction at most, improving precision and efficiency of movements. Similarly, the pyjama’s design allows to open the garment just leaving the car, which eases the cooling and body temperature recovery from pilots and copilots.

This pyjamas is tailored using the same fabric technology elast, that Marina Racewear uses to tailor the rest of garments for pilot’s equip and meets all the standards of FIA 8856-2000 type approval.


Therefore, how to choose the best underwear for a race will still be a matter of taste or needs for every pilot, but this new pyjama could be a very good alternativa to nowadays underwear.

If you want to know more about the pyjama or the rest of Marina Racewear products visit our website.