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New socks FIA ultralight

During competition there are many factors that influde directly on the pilot’s performance and concentration; one of them is comfort. Today we are going to analize the importance of using good socks during the race.

Marina Racewear has developed the fabric Elast 1, composed by a 44% of natural fibers, by which it tailors all its underwear collection and FIA competition overalls. This composition helps to avoid the slippery sensation of synthetic, the lack of sweat absortion and bad transpirability.

In this occasion, Marina Racewear has evolved the model of Marina M1 socks developing the model Marina M2. With this new sock model a 50% of the weight has been reduced,  achieving 16 grams, keeping all the required features on FIA’s standards. In addition, they help to absorb swear and ease transpirability keeping the feet dry and fresh. Besides this, thanks to their composition, elastomer could be included to the fabric so they perform as a second skin and avoid they slip up to the high of the boot or ankle.

Not always the thinest socks are the most transpirable ones because their fibers’ composition could be 100% synthetic so it reduces considerably the capacity of absortion-evacuation-transpiration.