Merchandising on racing competition

Who has never walked by F1’s paddock, or a WRC assistance, and have not seen several merchandising stores? On the top categories of our sport is normal that teams have products to sell fans in order to create a professional team image and close to audience. From t-shirts, jackets, caps to even car maquettes, those are articles we can find in these stores.

In circuit’s harrows or rally’s roadsides is usual to see most fans wearing t-shirts of their favourite team or caps of its pilots.

It is also a way to generate extra income for the team, in addition, it is more space to display sponsors’ logos and a way to make dissemination bigger.

Hereon, why don’t we develop merchandising products for amateur racing or lower class teams? At the beginning these articles could be purchased by friends or relatives of the pilots, but if we work on a modern and racing image, we could arrive to more people  and we could have the chance that sponsors feel more satisfied with the project they collaborate with, turning into a professional team image.

Articles like sweaters, t-shirts or caps could be great complement to promote our team, but as we said before, with the clear objectives of generating more advertising space for sponsors, get an extra income for the team and show a professional team image.


In order to customize your racing merchandising products, you can send us your logos and we will send you a design proposal adapted to the tem’s corporative image.

Once the order is requested, in Marina Racewear we start to transfer the team’s design into real.

Request us your design proposal for racing merchandising products witout commitment.

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