Marina Racewear collaborates in the development of Isidre Esteve’s Intelligent Pillow

Other uses of Elast1: Orthopedic pillow

After the severe motorcicle accident suffered by the pilot Isidre Esteve in 2007, which provoked him a spinal injury and many months of recovery and asimilation of the new situation, in 2009 the pilot decided to come back to competition but this time with cars. Then, Isidre’s plans twisted again and he end up with two pressure ulcers in the backside that forced him to remain lied during a year and a half.

As explained by Isidre Esteve in the website of his fundation:

“Most people know what is a spinal injury, but there are only a few who are aware of what it is to be on a wheelchair and what involves the lack of sensitivity and movility.”

Pressure ulcers are skin areas injured by remaining in the same position during many time. It is for this reason that the idea of the “intelligent pillow” was born, developed by KH7 Lloreda with the collaboration of Marina Racewear, among others. It is a pillow formed by different pressure areas that vary automatically depending  on the needs of each patient through a computer acting as the pillow’s brain. The pillow’s textile coating is tailored with Elast1 fabric, exclusive from Marina Racewear and it is the same used t tailor all its overalls certified by (FIA) Federation Internacionale de l’Automobile. It is a 100% flame retardant and elastic fabric, this features bring security and comfort when used aside from the clear benefit of the intelligent pillow itself.


Isidre Esteve will release this final version of the pillow on the following Rally Dakar 2017. We hope this time Isidre suceeds on the race and it will be confirmed that the Intelligent Pillow works!


If you want to know more about the Intelligent Pillow, visit Isidre Esteve Fundation website.

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