Flag marshall’s clothes

Racing marshalls, or officials, are anonymous people that, because of their passion of this sport, spend many hours on circuits and roads working for the safety of pilots and audiences.

Due to the long time working, their clothing must be as comfortable as possible, but always thinking on safety, because their life is also in risk when they face a car accident. Most common risks could be burns or car abuses.

In order to prevent these risks there are two key factors in marshall’s clothes: high visibility and la alta visibilidad and which are flame retardant garments.

High visibility

Marshalls have to wear fluorescent colours garments, like orange or yellow, named high visibility garments. These garments, being overalls, trousers, parkas, etc. could have reflective strips in order to have a higher visibility.

For their safety, and other’s safety, it is vital that flag marshalls could be identified, and it’s even more important at night races as well as resistance races.

Flame retardant garments

In racing competition environment, protection against burns or fire is an essential need. Flag marshall’s clothes must be flame retardant to prevent injuries in case of accident or direct contact with any incandescent piece.

In order to know if these garments are flame resistant, they must have a composition label, or a certification label if they are certified as a flame retardant garment by an institution like FIA (Federation Internacionale de l’Automobile) or SFI (SFI Foundation INC).

It is important that sailing masters feel comfortable and safe with the material they use. because their function is to watch over other’s safety.