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Customized FIA underwear

All racing pilots, being professional or amateur, wants to transmit a neat image of their teams and their vehicles. In top racing competitions like Formula 1 or WRC, we can see how teams surprise is every season with unique designs, where appropiate, consistent with the sponsors of every year. In this post, we are going to center on the clothing used by pilots, in particular, in FIA underwear.

A very usual image of these competitions commented before is to see pilots entering or leaving from box, leaving the car after the competition, walking through the paddock or many other cases where they can be seen with their handle t-shirts, because they have the top part of their F1 overall opened or they have taken it off to be more comfortable and fresh.

This FIA undewear they use is customized with the pilot’s name and the sponsors’ logos they use. They customize underwear from overall because if any camera records the, or any picture is taken, the name of sponsors is seen as well as in competition overall.


From Marina Racewear we like our pilots to wear their designs and sponsors in their FIA underwear, for this reason we offer the chance of customize it. We understand that wearing customized underwear brings more pressence to our sponsors, and a more neat team’s image is given.

We can customize handle t-shirts, trousers, balaclavas or socks, but obviosly,  handle t-shirts or even balaclavas are the most striking garments.

Marina Racewear’s FIA underwear meets the demanding requisits of Federation Internationale de l’Automobile regarding safety, meeting regulation 8856-2000 and wuth a composition of 44% cotton and 54% modacrylic, bringing a high comfort to the pilot.

In order to customize FIA underwear, choose the product and access the customizer. If you prefer to send us your proposal via mail, do it without compromise. You can contact us in