Competition engineer clothing

In competition, everything has to work as a clock in order to make the desired results arrive, and for this, it is essental that car’s mechanics is very neat and any element fails during competition.

The responsible ones to develop vehicles are the engineers, people whose on the racing day they spend many hours with adverse climate conditions, reduced working spaces and very short reparation times. Due to it, engineers of racing world are real experts on their discipline and work.

Because their work is vital in order to get the desired results, its working space has to be neat as much as possible and a part of this space is their garments when working.

There is a lot of important competition engineer clothing, like the overall, refueling overall, gloves, trousers or the bib, garments that will make competition engineers comfortable and safe in their workplace.

In Marina Racewear we can find all these products for competition engineers to be comfortable and safe when working.

Besides this, the team’s image is another aspect to care about because it is what sponsors and audiences look at. After all, racing competitions are a big showcase to publicize.

For these reasons Marina Underwear’s competition engineer’s clothes are 100% customizable, in order to make you wear your team’s colours and the sponsor’s logos.

You can find all our product’s range in our website. In order to customize Engineers clothes, you can send us your logos and ideas, and we will send you back an design approach adapted to your team’s corporative image.


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